Welcome to Misconnectionz.com

In case you’re wondering ‘what did I just stumble upon?’

(for those that know me… I intentionally spelled Misconnectionz with a (z) at the end hahaha),

You are going to find all sorts of different entries from dreams, maybe some sketches to poetry, photography and what happens when I hit record in GarageBand loop packs… mostly though, it is random shit that found it’s way into my creative psyche… so buckle up cause this could get bumpy 😉

Also, there’s probably other typing/grammer errors… if you can still read it… does it matter?

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Definition of (misconnectionz)

mis·​con·​nec·​tion | \ ˌmis-kə-ˈnek-shən \

plural misconnections
a wrong or faulty connection


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