~ Essence ~

Sometimes there are days nothing hits… sometimes it’s the first sketch that sends my creative vibes on a quest to see where things go…sometimes nothing hits & then sometimes, like today… it’s the 3rd sketch of the day that screams it’s own title Essence, that peaks my interest to pursue…As I mentioned in previous sketch posts, I’m not always going for an exact match of the model I observed, I will however mention where or who they are & this model is none other than Tera Patrick

This preliminary sketch of Essence might have something to it… finding things creatively intriguing is a big part of my process so I’m going to walk away from this for a bit and see if the interest still exists or was it simply the rush of a difficult angle that feels right (although there may still be revisions when it goes from this preliminary sketch into the stages of finalization)…

I may leave this as a nice black & white sketch with some light shading on her face since the brightness of her skin against the depth of her hair, is settling in nicely… gonna see how I feel about it the next time I sit down to work on her….

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