~ Photography ~

~ January 2023 ~

Was sitting in my studio after writing in a journal, yes, I write in a journal, it’s my process for clearing my mind from any distractions so I can mentally breathe. I picked up an empty paper towel roll that was on my desk and looked through it as a child would and thought that would make for an interesting photo. Folded the paper towel roll over twice and then re opened it & placed it over the camera lens of the iPhone and this is what happened as I looked around my studio. The interesting affect with the light was that the temperature inside the paper towel roll seemed to reflect the colors temperature of what was seen at the end of it.

~ Photography from over the past few years ~

Photography randomly and at the most unexpected times, simply grabs my attention and I really should start carrying my camera around with me… These days, I should simply make a Camera App shortcut on my phone that it is easily activated…

The same way my artworks grab my attention, it’s a vibe, a mood, a setting or a certain visual love that over comes me until I work it out. The process is beautiful & has taught me many underlining things about my life, my experiences, especially when a photo mimics the cone common vibe of the digital pieces in this website. A vastness, a comfort, a becoming of one sort of experience…

These are from the past couple years, I have taken more but felt these were the strongest out of them. Only so many sunrise photos one can show before they begin to compete with each other for attention, since none of them are same & never will be again… hence the beauty in everyone of them…

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