~ TBSDesigns ~

TBSDesigns showcases the professional design pieces created for various clients.

Production Director & Graphic Designer with 24+ years of professional experience in all aspects of design for clients ranging from fringe event production companies to monthly industry magazines, to website designs. A deep understanding of design practices & brand management. Skilled in Production Design, Print & Web, Digital & Social Marketing.

Modo: if what you do in your life, does not cause harm to you or anyone around you, then can it really be wrong?

If you don’t mind that sort of thing, then by all means, check out the logo designs, print designs & website designs.

• Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite CC
• WordPress With CSS
• HTML – Web, Email & Email Signature Design
• CSS Coding
• CMS Databases In Claris, FileMaker Pro
• Sales Experience (For Selling Design Ads & Promotional Materials)
• Production Management Skills
• Proficient in 4 color prepress process


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