~ Calm, Peaceful Guidance ~

Drudging through realms, re-opened by others
Sights & the sounds, have drowned out my muse
Getting back to that presence, with no mental violence
And changing the course, through a calm, peaceful guidance

Daily routines are vigilant & violent
Smothering the mind, from it’s own quite content
Becoming once again, tranquil yet resilient
And recovering from new wounds, that have not been met

Remembering the scars, worked through from the past
The methods, the madness, that space did not last
Will once again fade, through this mental distain
And stand strong within these realms, attentive & steadfast

With different lenses & strengths yet to gain
Drenched in awareness, that fades in the pain
Blind sight into light, will destroy the weakness
And hold fourth a path, correcting its course from distilled remains

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