~ In Waiting ~

In Waiting

In Waiting is an original sketch (in ’13), from my writing in ’08, digitally enhanced in photoshop cc… most of the time these sketchez are inspired from random photos, this one however appeared on her own thru words written years before…

Simply sat down with my sketchbook open and began drawing & as she always seems to make an appearance in my works since Creatively Awoken… learning to embrace it has been a challenge & a beautiful experience at the same time…

The original writing that this was sketched from:

~ In Waiting ~

Walking along a road that leads back to the beginning, brushing her hair in my mind, knowing this final walk we’re taking is the end…

It’s said that before it happens you know its coming, strangely enough, this was different, like a train that instantly appeared behind us running at full speed. Were we simply to blind to hear the rumbling racing up behind us or did we simply not care?

It happened so quickly, deaf to sound, slight of hand movements before blindness. traveled fast, through space and time. At least time didn’t seem to be a factor anymore, the reality that it never really existed has set in. Feeling like you’re in a tube, being launched into a weightless realm, a vacuum of mental consciousness that you could only imagine in the wonderments of film. Until the speed slows down, coming to a head, no need for legs, no need for time, no need for anything. 

A strong understanding that we agreed to this before we even knew it. We slated the terms in the physical elements that laid before us, only one of us jumped first, or we both choose to turn, when we should have zagged. Either way, im in here, and she’s out there. 

There’s been tales of stories about 2 separated by land and sea, by fire and water and although it sounds very similar in texture, it never appears to be the same on the surface. Caught between elements is the easiest answer, but caught or chosen is the real question here, and the answer was revealed thru turns in the road, that in time… hurts more then it healed.

Catching her glimpse in the fluidities of the minds of others, thru the glances and expressions.  A simple term, of feeling or emotion that lets go of the right and wrong and allows the essence to shine thru. knowing she is there at these particular moments both pleases and wounds me at the same time. Hoping that at the next turn of existence she will be there & so will I..

Always reminding me… she’s just a stones throw away.

~ 08 ~

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